Founder, Head of Wealth Management


The idea of launching an asset management firm has been floating in Pavlo's mind since 2017 when he began working on a statistical model which later resulted in a trading algorithm. As a result, in 2020, the private fund was launched to utilize the underlying algorithm and PG Capital Management Group became an advisory firm to the private fund. Later on, the decision was made to expand the firm's reach by becoming a registered investment advisory firm. By the end of 2020, the wealth management department was officially launched.


For Pavlo, who earned degrees in economics and finance from SUNY at Geneseo and always had an entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of working in the asset management field was obvious and it was just a matter of time when he would launch his own asset management firm.

What is your role at PG Capital?
I oversee and manage both the private fund and wealth management sides of the firm. With respect to wealth management, I serve as a strategy builder for our clients and a person who performs ongoing supervision of clients' portfolios and their performance.
I am in a position of bringing the firm's resources to help our clients preserve and generate additional capital to meet their personal financial goals.

Where do the best ideas come from?

Clients themselves are the greatest source of ideas. By working closely with each client, you get an opportunity to understand their goals and therefore generate ideas that are the most suitable for each individual client. The greatest ideas come to your mind when you can put yourself in your client’s shoes and comprehend their financial goals and needs.

What's special about PG Capital?

I think PG Capital is a unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and dedication to the success of its clients. The combination of these three aspects makes us stand out in a crowded financial world. Additionally, the firm is independent and privately owned, as a result, we are fully focused on our clients and understanding their needs. Such an approach from the beginning gives us an advantage and opportunity to build highly tailored strategies for our clients.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The opportunity to make someone’s life better by sharing my knowledge with them. It’s an incredible feeling when you see that your work makes your client’s life somewhat easier and more secure. It all comes down to the fact that what you do is meaningful and has a positive impact.

What do your clients appreciate most?
Our clients know that they can expect honesty and a clear buoyant vision of the situation from us. We aim to understand all the little details of our client’s financial goals and needs, which help us develop very clear and understandable strategies. Since we have a fiduciary responsibility before our clients, our goal is to present the most realistic and suitable solutions, which would lead to successful results.