High Net Worth Services


We offer active planning and coordination for complicated, tax-sensitive financial situations in the following areas:

Family Foundations

A private family foundation may be an option for families searching for an efficient approach to fulfill philanthropic goals and to employ beliefs, skills, and creativity to bring beneficial changes to their community.

Reasons To Consider Trusts

There are only five things you do with the money in your lifetime: earn, spend, save, invest, or give it away. However, after you die, your money can only go to one of three places: family, charity, or the IRS.

Establishing a Loved One's Estate

It is hard for survivors to lose a loved one. The fact that you must also address certain legal and financial concerns adds to the toll of grief.

Types Of Trusts

Trusts assist in managing your property, exercising control over your money, and reducing the amount you pay in taxes. There are many different types of trusts, each with its own purpose.

Fair But Not Equal In Estate Planning

Children question their parents' definitions of fairness during their early years. Fair means equal shares in some families. Others use the “we love you the same but provide based on your needs” approach.